Journey Feedback

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The Moonsense Cloud offers a way to track additional information about a Journey (a collection of sessions) through the use of Journey Feedback. This feedback mechanism provides a way to track information about the Journey that may not be available at the time of capture but would be useful in when training data models. An example of this feedback would be the Journey resulted in a fraudulent charge. By flagging this through the feedback mechanism, the data can then be used to help train the data models to identify fraudulent sessions in the future.

Feedback Types

The Moonsense Cloud supports the following feedback types:

  • Chargeback - The Journey was part of a Chargeback transaction.
  • Fraud - The Journey was part of a fraudulent transaction.

Adding Feedback

Feedback can be added to a journey using one the Moonsense Client SDKs.

feedback = { 'chargeback_feedback': { 'is_chargeback': True, 'chargeback_reason': 'My Chargeback Reason', 'reported_at': } 'fraud_feedback': { 'is_fraud': True, 'fraud_reason': 'My Fraud Reason', 'reported_at': } } client.add_journey_feedback('<journey_id>', feedback)
err := client.AddJourneyFeedback("<journey_id>", &journeysProto.JourneyFeedback{ ChargebackFeedback: &journeysProto.ChargebackFeedback{ IsChargeBack true, ReportedAt: timestamppb.Now(), ChargebackReason: "My Chargeback Reason", }, FraudFeedback: &journeysProto.FraudFeedback{ IsFraud: true, ReportedAt: timestamppb.Now(), FraudReason: "My Fraud Reason", }, }) if err != nil { fmt.Println("Error adding journey feedback") fmt.Println(err) return }
await client.addJourneyFeedback('<journey_id>', { chargebackFeedback: { isChargeback: true, reportedAt: timestampFromDate(new Date()), chargebackReason: "My Chargeback Reason", }, fraudFeedback: { isFraud: true, reportedAt: timestampFromDate(new Date()), fraudReason: "My Fraud Reason", } });