Build live prototypes faster using mobile device sensor data

The Moonsense Recorder is an easy-to-use application for Android & iOS mobile devices that allows you to record data from multiple sensors, store & label it for analysis, and gives you the ability to build live prototypes faster.

Think about it like a voice recorder but with the capability to capture data from all the sensors on the device.

Similar to how a picture is worth a thousand words, a live prototype can speak volumes about how impactful a concept is and gather support from multiple groups within the organization. Imagine how different a conversation would be if the executive you are working to convince to fund a project can actually try your prototype next time they engage in the relevant real-world activity.

The Moonsense Recorder allows you to:

  • Record: It takes just one tap to collect data from the sensors of your device while engaged in a real-world activity.

  • Organize: We provide the cloud infrastructure required to securely store & label your recording sessions. As the data streams from the device, you can access real-time summary statistics in the Moonsense Cloud web console.

  • Prototype: You can connect your backend & data processing logic to deliver prototypes that anyone in the organization can try and give feedback on.

In Mobility, the Recorder app can be used to characterize the motion of cars, humans, airplanes, and anything in between. So much of our world is in motion and there is often a mobile device tagging along for the ride.

In Fraud & Risk, through the Recorder app, you can explore how you can integrate signals from the real world into your fraud detection models. That is useful for synthetic identity detection, account takeover prevention, and many other use cases.

In Fitness, the recorder can be used to characterize how people engage in physical activities with the goal of helping them stay active, fit, and healthy.